The most coveted bunch of broccoli in the sporting world

It's amazing how much planning and preparation goes into every facet of hosting an Olympic games. Even the medalists' flower bouquets aren't just something the Olympic Committee picked up at your local florist; the two florists who eventually received the contract -- all the way back in 2008! -- pitched 23 designs before they went with this one. Every flower and leaf has special significance. Everything was carefully selected to minimize the risk of allergic reactions or injury (in case the athlete wants to throw them into the crowd), and maximize the bouquet's life. The bouquet is obviously designed to commemorate and preserve athletes' memories of the ultimate experience in their lives: winning an Olympic medal.

None of this matters one iota to my son. When we were watching one of the medal ceremonies, 3Po turned to us and declared, "I don't want to work really, really hard for years and years just so I can win a stick of broccoli!".

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Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

That is hysterical! I gotta admit I agree with the kid though. It does look like broccoli left in the fridge too long & starting to flower.