Unleashing my inner kid

Today I took The Pea and her best friend to Michaels craft store for an American Girl Doll craft activity. Michaels usually holds some kind of craft class for kids on Saturday mornings for a fee of $0-$5. This one was free, so I was expecting a fun but low-key craft: decorating your own paper bag, maybe, or making a paper purse for your doll. We were surprised to find that the activity was doll tshirt painting! Michaels provided the doll's shirt, fabric paint and little jeweled studs.

The swag whore in me was delighted that they were offering all this nice stuff for freeeee (American Girl sells a doll tshirt painting kit featuring shirts just like these, 3 for $20). The girls were having so much fun, it made me envious. I felt like snatching The Pea's project from her and completing it myself (especially when the paint started coming out in blobs, squirting all over the doll shirt). The girl in charge must have seen the hunger on my face because she let me paint a doll shirt of my own. Wooohooo! I copied the design from the shirt The Pea was wearing so that she and her American Girl Mia would have matching ice skate tees. Damn, these kids today are so lucky!