My new wireless headset -- The Pea

I love California's new cellphone law, really I do. I think talking on a phone while driving is a huge distraction and real safety risk-- along with putting lipstick on, reading the paper, eating lunch, shaving, and other insane things we've seen people do behind the steering wheel.

My mobile phone isn't Bluetooth-enabled, so I no longer take or make phone calls on the road. But it's difficult to break old habits. Today my phone rang while I was driving. I knew it was Alfie; he had been emailing me all day, asking me to call him when I had the chance, but I kept putting it off. Like Pavlov's dog, that incessant ringing could not be ignored. In desperation, I reached into my purse, grabbed my phone, leaned over and threw it into The Pea's lap. "Please open it and talk to daddy, honey". So Alfie got to hear The Pea's sweet voice and we finally got to talk to each other today.

Yes, I quite like my newly-discovered on-the-road mobile answering service. I think I'll keep it.

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MJ Tam said...


Chicago has had this law for a couple of years now and thankfully my car is blue-tooth compatible so I can talk via my car speakers without breaking the law. But quite honestly, although the law is meant for safety --- any phone whether it is blue-tooth compatible or not is still distracting. If your mind is on anything else but driving, I say that is still dangerous.

I do however like your new bluetooth! So cute.