Welly Weather

The Pea is home with a cold and fever today. I blame it partly on the lousy weather, and partly on my lousy ability to dress the kids appropriately for the weather. They are all set with umbrellas and jackets and raincoats, but sadly lacking in footwear. All last week The Pea walked to school in the rain with her leather and satin Mary Janes. Yup -- squish, squelch. The boys are no better -- just because Crocs are rubber doesn't make them waterproof (there's that small issue of the holes.....).

I've procrastinated badly on buying them rainboots (read my full confession on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog). I know winter is half over, but I've renewed my determination to find a good pair for the kids. It's not for lack of choice; many popular childrenswear retailers have cute kids' rainboots available online and in stores. The problem is that at this stage, availability is limited -- and more important, I find that wellies available for sale in the US are a lot stiffer than wellies in the UK. I know there are wellies from Hunters or Burberry available for sale here -- but they are out of my budget.

I think I will probably ask my in-laws to get the kids some Ladybird wellies from Woolworths. Only 7 quid, and they are softer and comfier than any I've seen here. I haven't found them for sale anywhere in the US. For parents who aren't lucky enough to have English in-laws, here are some other choices:

The Crocs Georgie boots are probably the comfiest rainboots, if you like the funky look.

Company Kids carries a line of raingear, as well as Madonna's super-cute English Roses raingear line -- but I can't vouch for the quality because I've never seen or felt an actual pair.

Gap Kids does have rainboots that are pretty soft, but for some reason this season they only have them for girls.

Gymboree's line is also pretty soft and comfy. They had a line for both sexes early on in the season, but only seem to have boys' rainboots left -- and even that supply is dwindling quickly.

Lands End has rainboots online and in Sears stores, but I find them quite stiff.

Western Chief, Kidorable and Wippette are brands that I've seen online and in stores. Again, also stiff compared to English wellies.

If you can find Wellipets rainboots, I would definitely go for those. They're made in the UK and they're great. Remember little Prince William wearing his froggie Wellipets so long ago (am I dating myself) ?

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