5 European cities I simply must visit

Malahide Castle, Ireland

Whenever we visit Alfie's parents, we stay for at least 3 weeks.  Alfie's family is small, and there's only so much visiting of relatives you can do for 3 weeks, so we like to use Marlborough as a jumping point for smaller trips. We've done day trips to London, Stonehenge, Birmingham, Maidstone, and many other places around the UK.  We've also gone on longer trips to Wales, Ireland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

There's no shortage of wonderful places to visit, so it's always tough to decide where we want to go next! I could easily list 100 cities I'd love to travel to in Europe -- but as always, time and money are limiting factors, so I've narrowed my list down to five.  Here are 5 cities that I'd really love to visit on a family trip in the near future:

Edinburgh, Scotland
My in-laws (along with the rest of the UK) always insist that England, Scotland, and Wales are separate countries, so there's still one country in the UK I haven't been to.  Visiting Scotland would be easy and inexpensive, and I might finally get to find out what those Scotsmen wear under their kilts.

Champagne, France
Sparkling wine is the only kind of wine I really enjoy, so I'd love to visit the place where it became world famous?  Naturally, we'd have to do a wine tour.... one place I'm especially eager to visit is G.H. Mumm, the world-famous champagne producer.  I'd love to bring a bottle home and compare it with one from made by its US counterpart, Mumm Napa.

Gordes, France
Since my imaginary journey is taking me into France anyway, why not venture further and travel through the France of my romantic imagination?  I've always wanted to see the lavender fields of Provence, so a visit to the Senanque Abbey in Gordes would be a must.  I've heard Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, and Arles are great places as well.

Venice, Italy
I know the City of Bridges is going to disappear into the Adriatic Sea during my lifetime, but I definitely want to visit before I have to wade through a flooded St. Mark's Square every day.

Munich, Germany
I've already been to Munich, but I just had to include it on this list for a single reason: Bayern Munich. We want to see the best club team in Europe -- and the most exciting players on the continent, Robben and Riberi -- play at their home stadium, the Allianz Arena!  But finding match tickets to purchase is even harder than finding the money to pay for the trip.

Disneyland Paris
Okay, this is #6, but technically Disneyland isn't a city so I feel like I can include it and still say it's a list of 5 cities.  Everyone knows I'm Disney park crazy -- I would looove to visit all the Disney parks around the world, and Disneyland Paris would be a great place to start my international Disney travels!

Which one should we go to next??

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