What's for lunch this week?

Pork siopao, red bell peppers, dried pineapples, mango cubes, pumpkin pretzels

Didn't I just brag about my improving photo quality last week? I take it all back.  This week's photos look worse than ever!  I think it's because the mornings are getting darker and darker, and I just can't get a decent amount of light for my phone camera to focus with.  What I need, of course, is a newer, more expensive phone with a better camera :)   Don't let the grainy images fool you, though; the food featured this week is delish.  I'm especially proud of the pumpkin pretzels in the photo above.  It took me a few tries to get them looking all cute and pumpkin-like, but the result is worth it.  I may not spend time getting a good photograph, but that's because I'd rather spend the time making a yummy lunch!

Breakfast muffin (with egg, cheese and Canadian bacon), strawberries, apple slices

Leftover pizza, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, pumpkin macarons

Spinach, cream cheese and tomato roll-ups, prosciutto and mozzarella roll-up, mixed Annie's Bunny Grahams

Waffles with Nutella, cantaloupe, dried apple slices

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Asianmommy said...

Mmm...those steamed buns look delicious!