The evolution of our ride photos at Disneyland

The first time we rode Splash Mountain at Disneyland, the boys were just about to turn 5, and The Pea was 7.   They innocently allowed me to lead them on the ride because they had absolutely no idea what to expect.  Honestly, the look of terror on the kids' faces was so priceless that we absolutely had to purchase the ride photo. 

Two years later, we had the good fortune to be selected as Family of the Day at Disney's California Adventure.  We were given the very first elevator ride on the Tower of Terror all by ourselves, as well as a complimentary ride photo.  Thanks to their previous experience at Splash Mountain (which, in my defense, they actually loved), 3Po and Jammy no longer trusted my assurances that the ride would be fun, so it was just Alfie, The Pea and I. 

Two more years bring us to last week's Disneyland Resort visit.  At this point, the looks of terror have been replaced with looks of excitement and exhiliaration.

By this time, the boys had regretted turning down the Tower of Terror on our last trip, and they were more than ready to ride.  They absolutely loved it!

We've even gotten to the point where we try to anticipate when the ride photo will be taken and smile for the cameras.

But as you can see from this photo, my calm demeanor is just a front.  Away from the kids, and with my friend Akemi, I can let my inner scaredy-cat loose and scream for my life!

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