The Mystery of the Missing Plant: Solved!

After detailed investigations and keen observation, we have solved the Mystery of the Missing Plant . The perpetrator is none other than our gardener, who concluded that the plant was dead, uprooted it and disposed of it. Lingering questions remain, such as How did he know the plant was dead? and How come we didn't see the stump in our yard waste bin and Was it under the leaves or did he grind them up?. However, even though the gardener was a suspect and ultimately the guilty one, he is also our expert witness, so we are taking his word for it and moving on.

We also found the missing tube of toothpaste underneath the twins' beds, at the very far corner with all the dust bunnies -- as well as three rubber bands, some bits of ribbon, several Lego bricks, some bingo pieces, and a miniature Christmas train ornament. We have concluded that the house thief discovered this clever hiding place, realized that the lady of the house doesn't bother with this area very often, and stashed his loot there.

Case closed!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I guess that since he's the expert witness, you have to let him go. I'd still like to see Law and Order: Bongga Mom Edition.