So You Athletes Think You Can Dance? Yes, We Can!

Haka face paint

When friends and family think of my sons, the first words that come to mind are probably: IdenticalTwins. Soccer. Tough. Solid. Maybe Cello and Videogames and Drawing and Athletic. Maybe Dark Haired. I would add Handsome and Brilliant and Imaginative and Loving and a million other complimentary adjectives that make it obvious I'm their parent.

I wouldn't have thought to add Performer.  But it's becoming pretty clear that they are.  This past month they joined the cast of Aladdin in their school play -- and gasp, they even gave up soccer practices and games to do it! -- as teenage heartthobs.  They learned a short dance and for three nights (plus two matinee performances) they got up on stage to greet hordes of adoring fans.  This past weekend they took part in a Maori Haka dance at our school's heritage night. They joined some friends and performed the dance that the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team traditionally does to intimidate their opponents on the field.  I thought they'd be a bit self conscious, but they really got into it!

Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised -- I know exactly where their streak of exhibitionism comes from (*cough*Me*cough*).  Now that I think about it, they've never had a problem getting up in front of everyone, whether it's for a magic show, a music concert, an impromptu dance number, or a luau. I saw the same thing with their friends: kids you would never expect to be dancing on stage were giving their all and loving every second!  They're just like the All Blacks -- athletes and dancers! It just goes to show you:

People have different sides to them.
Don't label.
Don't judge a book by its cover.

So the next time you see 3Po and Jammy running around and kicking a ball out on the field, remember that you could be watching a future performance arts major!

Haka face paint

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