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Yesterday I blogged about things I'm good at, and things I'm not good at.  Let me add another item to the "Not Good At" lists:  Fashion.  I'm not totally hopeless -- I have a good sense of my body type and what I can or can't wear, and I can tell when something fits and flatters me.  However, I am hopeless at putting outfits together.  I can spot a cute blouse, but I will have no idea what to pair it with.  I just don't have the flair for it, so I look to others for fashion inspiration.  Here are some places I find it:

Lucky Magazine
Reading Lucky makes me feel fashion forward and up-to-date on all the latest fashion trends.  Their outfits are just a tad more fashion forward than I'm comfortable wearing in my everyday life (I live in Palo Alto, not Manhattan), but they're lovely to look at, and they're always paired with accessories (jewelry, shoes, handbag, hat, sunglasses) so I can see the whole outfit.  Maybe if I keep subscribing, some of that fashion sense will rub off on me.

My favorite fashion retailers
I love leafing through the catalogs my favorite clothing stores:  Anthropologie (love their vintage chic), Lucky Jeans (love their boho charm), J Crew (love their elegant preppiness) and Garnet Hill (love their soft flowing style). I'm always guaranteed to find an ensemble I love, and best of all, I already know where to get everything. 

I don't actually follow a specific style or fashion blog (although I do love Polyvore); instead, I pay close attention to the outfits of bloggers whose sense of style I love, notably Jessica Ashley, Emily Hill, Lindsay Ferrier, and Sheila Bernus Dowd.  Whenever I see them in person, or see photos of them online, I always find myself saying "Cute Outfit!". They always look so put together in a way I could never achieve without professional help, or a lot of imitation (ladies, if you ever find me sneaking photos of you at blog events, now you know why). 

Cute outfits are appearing on Pinterest all the time!  I could spend hours browsing, liking and repinning fashion items to my own fashion board.   I love the fashion pins of Kelby Carr, and Type A Mom Conference's Conference Chic board is great, but even a quick browse through Pinterest's Women's Fashion category yields great results.

Last but not least, I can always trust my husband to help me find something flattering to wear.  Alfie rescued me from a style rut when we first started dating in 1999 (sweatpants and men's button-down shirts to the office, what was I thinking??), and he continues to act as my fashion policeman to this day.  Alfie has definite opinions on what looks good, and he won't hesitate to let me know if something looks good -- or hideous -- on me.  Fortunately, I trust his judgement (he has been ogling women for over half a century, so he's certainly got the experience).

What are your favorite fashion, style and beauty resources?Leave a comment on this post, or join bloggers everywhere at BlogHer's Life Well Lived section -- and be sure to enter the Life Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes for a chance to win an iPod Touch! 

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Asianmommy said...

I'm height-challenged, so I have to shop in the petite section. I pretty much just buy whatever's comfortable & fits! :)