Halloween Treats

One of the things I love best about Halloween is creating themed dishes for my Halloween parties and the kids' class parties. Even something as simple as a marshmallow ghost stuck on top of a pumpkin muffin can make a party seem more festive and special -- as long as it's also nestled in Halloween-themed cupcake liner, of course! Over the years I've made all kinds of Halloween-themed treats, from cupcakes to cookies to sandwiches to brie wheels. Here's a sample of them (hopefully you can get some inspiration for your own Halloween parties!):

Eyeball Cupcakes

Candy Apples

Owl Biscuits

Witch Fingers

Here's my latest Halloween creation:

Pretty spooktacular, huh? I made a box out of Pop-Tarts, filled it with brownies and chocolate pudding, and decorated it with gummy candies. I have to admit I'm proud of this one! It's the perfect centerpiece for any Halloween party! You can get the recipe by going to my Kellogg's Halloween Pop-Tarts post -- don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card! And speaking of Visa gift cards, I have another Kellogg's giveaway going on -- the latest in my Kellogg's Breakfast Club series -- where you can enter to win another $100 Visa gift card by October 25.

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Asianmommy said...

Awesome! I like those witches' fingers.