Technology is nice, but it's not everything

3Po's kindergarten class presented a short play yesterday, and throngs of parents showed up to watch. With cameras and iPods and videocams in hand we settled down to cheer our kids as they sang a couple of songs performed "The Little Red Hen".

Sadly, one of 3Po's classmates burst into tears as he said his lines because his mother was late for the event and missed his "Little Red Hen" solo. He cried throughout the whole thing. Afterwards I tried to cheer him up by saying I had captured him singing his songs and we could let his mother watch it. It didn't really cheer him up.

I guess technology is no substitute for a mom.


Mrs.Mom said...

AWWWW! Poor thing! I know exactly how he feels. I cried my heart out at my college graduation because my family was not there yet at the opening ceremony. Till this day, I still don't know exactly when, during the ceremony, they showed up.

Nicole Brady said...

Oh. That's so sad. I totally understand though... I missed ONE event last year when my daughter was in Kindergarten and she reminded me all year that I was the only mom not there (which wasn't true, but to a Kindergarten child, I guess it sure seemed that way.)

That was sweet of you to offer. You should send it to his mom anyway. :)