Remembering Easter

I was so busy playing cook and hostess at yesterday's Easter brunch, I didn't get a chance to photograph any of the treats I made. I'm really wanted to capture the blueberry french toast casserole (I got the recipe from the bread wrapper, of all places) and the white sangria (great recipe from Gina Von Esmarch's Taste This! cookbook), but they went too quickly.

At least I was able to get these pretty babies (3Po wasn't feeling well yesterday and decided to save his for today, plus I hid the two extra treats in the freezer) . Inside the waffle cup is a layer of brownie mix, a layer of Neapolitan ice cream, and a layer of Cool Whip. Then I decorated the top with some edible Easter grass, chocolate eggs, and a marshmallow Peep.

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Asianmommy said...

What an original treat! I love it.