Monday Mornings: My very own Iron Man

..... and this is one big fat reason I'm happy I don't work in an office. Not that I ever ironed much on Monday mornings, or any morning, anyway. I still don't iron; that's Alfie's domain, bless his soul. He could get an extra 5 minutes of sleep if I just ironed his shirts for him, but he manfully gets out of bed to do it himself. And that's just one of the reasons I love him.

How is your morning going? If you leave a link to your latest post in the comments section, I'll go visit and leave a comment.


poppy fields said...

Does Tuesday morning count?
My girls are on their winter break right now, so no school to get ready for. I did promise them they could "help" me at the grocery store this morning.
ps I ironed two shirts for my husband this morning, trust me, it's better that way around here :)

Miranda said...

lol Mine gets out of bed 5 minutes early just to gripe that I didn't iron his shirts. He FINALLY gave up on the idea that I should and doesn't bother asking anymore.. bad wife I suppose but I hate ironing! lol

organic scrub scrub said...

I only iron when it's the last result. My husband usually irons his own shirts and i like it that

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