Who needs Bootcamp when you're packing swag bags?

Especially when you're packing super-sized BlogHer swag bags for the Silicon Valley Moms Blog. It took eleven bloggers (and four children) three whole hours to unbox, sort, stack and pack it all. It was exhausting work, but everyone was inspired by the thought of all the fabulous stuff we were putting into those bags. What's inside the bags has to remain a seeeeeecret, but I couldn't resist showing everyone all the bags scattered throughout Jill's living room (with telltale marks graffiti'd out, of course). I can't wait to start unpacking my swag bag!


MJ Tam said...

You have sworn on secrecy and I'm just checking to see if you are abiding by that.... hehe... kidding!

I wish I was there to help out.


bonggamom said...


My lips are sealed! Many, many thanks to you for your awesome hard work!!


S.W.A.G. -- apparently it stands for Sealed With A Gift. Also refers to tchotchkes, promo items, etc....

Check out

In my case, it stands for a lot of cool free stuff that I can't wait to use/give away/blog about!