Our sweet Pineapple Princesses

We attended a lot of parties while we were in Manila. While they differed in many ways -- different locations, occasions, different guest lists, food, dress codes -- most of them had one thing in common: they all had some sort of "entertainment". There was always someone grabbing a microphone and addressing the crowd, either making speeches or singing songs or putting on dance numbers. It was Alfie who noticed this penchant of Filipinos for "programs", and pointed it out to me. It's so normal to me that I hadn't even noticed anything out of the ordinary.

Here is a video of The Pea and her favorite cousin, getting started on that grand old Filipino tradition of performing at parties (the occasion this time was my grandmother's 88th birthday). They had so much fun that I'm already longing to choreograph another dance number that they can perform at the next birthday/anniversary/holiday/whatever party they attend next :)


tintin said...

Love it! They're so cute! Her cousin looks like a little Asian doll.

Anonymous said...

OK, that was adorable. What a fun tradition!

Heart of Rachel said...

Great performance!